Birth & Fresh 48 Sessions

Birth is an all encompassing experience.  You loose all sense of time, and a mother transforms her body, she turns off her mind and gives control so that her body and mind can work together. This journey is one of the most amazing, and magical moments.  

Let me preserve this journey for you. I will act as a fly on the wall, capturing the little details, that can be lost in the moment. Capturing the love between you and your spouse. 

Not sure you can do a birth, you can still capture your little one's first 48 hours of life.  Your little one will only be that little fro the first few days.  This session will capture those first milestones: the first bath, his/her first feeding or nursing, the first time they meet their siblings, Dad's first diaper change, meeting grandparents or just simply cuddling in mom's arms. These moments  you want to hold on to. Families choose to invest in these memories to hold on and preserve those memories. This lifestyle session is perfect for remembering those memories forever.  


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