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Serving Greater Philadelphia, Pa

If there ever was a good time to capture memories, this exact moment is the one. 

Want to capture memories in your home? Or outside and on location lets do it.  I know we often say, no my house is to messy, or when I loose the wieght or .... our excuses can go on forever.  But the truth is time moves fast, and they our little ones are grown. That time is gone. Those little face expressions they made at 3 are now gone. I get it, you take a million phone pictures. But do you want your kids and the generations that follow to remember you as a selfie? Let's capture them and those memories. So you have the photos you can leave behind for them to treasure. 

I hear all the time, my kids can not handle a "full session" I need a "mini session". But it is actually the opposite. Your kids, your husband and you are not made for a mini session in those early toddler years.  

Here is what one of my clients had to say: 

"For years I chose to purchase mini-sessions for our family pictures because I figured that with little children, it was best to get it done as quickly as possible before any meltdowns could happen. However this also made me feel anxious and on edge; I was so worried that we wouldn’t get those “perfect shots” with a small window of time. After expressing my nervousness with Diana, she recommended we try a full session- so we did! And wow I will never go back to a mini-session. My children, myself and even my husband felt so much more at ease knowing there wasn’t a time frame. We were able to relax and really enjoy our session. It also made the pictures feel more authentic; not every photo was posed. We had some really beautiful candid shots that Diana was able to capture when we didn’t even know she was shooting us. Those pictures told a real story and those are the ones that I have in frames around my house. Of course we were also able to capture the posed photos as well; and that went better than it ever had before, because no one felt rushed or under pressure. No anxiety, no nerves, I didn’t have to check my watch once. And when the entire family feels more relaxed, that’s when we get the truly magical shots. It was absolutely worth spending a little more money for the peace of mind! "

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