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My Journey 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to an exciting new year. I am so excited for what this year is going to bring me. Welcome to my journey 2018. What is a journey? A journey is an act of traveling from one place to another. As a photographer, I feel that I have been on a never ending journey, constantly changing and evolving as I find what represents me and my art. This year, I want to focus on growth; as an artist, as well as working on some specific skills. Today I share with you my first entry: my cover image. Which is to be something that represents who I am. I feel that my whole life has been a journey. I have always worked on evolving who I was no matter what I was doing. I feel like life is like a road, it twists, turns and I always stay hopeful that there are no dead-ends. Welcome to my journey and I am excited to share my personal growth with you! ​Please share your comments and let me know your thoughts.

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