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Philadelphia Pa./ What is Maternity Photography?

Philadelphia Studio Maternity photoshoot
Philadelphia Maternity Photographer Diana Smyth Photography

Maternity photography is increasing in popularity, I love celebrating the beginning of motherhood, and this is such a beautiful celebration of you!. It is truly a gift to see my mamas transform during their session. Motherhood starts here, you are a creator, strong and beautiful. Have you been thinking of a maternity session? Do you think about it but not sure what to expect? Do you have a list of questions? Here I have compiled my mamas top questions, and if I did not answer a questions for you, please feel free to reach out to me. I have been a Philadelphia Maternity photographer for years. I have trained with maternity photographers from around the country and world. I am here to help you with your maternity photography.

What is a maternity session?

A maternity portrait session is held during your third trimester. The goal is to capture that beautiful baby bump, mamas usually have the best bump around 28-34 weeks. It's a beautiful way to celebrate your journey into motherhood and the beginning of your family or the extension of your family. Some of my families choose to just have mom, some have their husbands/partners join in for some.

Why even book a maternity session?

To me the most important part of your maternity session is to capture is the beauty and strength of this time in your life. I feel that we as women do not always see ourselves this way, my job is to show you how amazing you are! I most want you to look back at these photos in 40 years, and see how stunning and amazing you were creating life.

When should I book a maternity session?

I prefer to capture my mamas from 28-34 weeks. By the third trimester your belly has popped into a nice beautiful full bump. This creates a beautiful portrait. If you are having multiple babies, I do suggest much earlier than 28 weeks.

Should I have a session indoor or outdoor?

There is no wrong or right answer to this. This depend on what you want and what your vision for your portraits are. Outdoor sessions are gorgeous, you might capture a stunning sunset, or you're in a garden. There are so many beautiful locations in Philadelphia from urban style to garden or tall grass. If you want to capture your Philadelphia maternity photography outside, I would love to help create your vision.

A In the studio, my moms usually have a greater comfort level. The music is playing, we are laughing and chatting and it is easier for you to change a few times. But again, it is a unique choice by each of my mamas.

What do I wear?

I love this conversation with my mamas. This is such a personal question and can be different for everyone. I want you to choose what makes you feel beautiful and shows your personality. I love a variety of styles and do not feel one way works for everyone. My Philadelphia maternity studio is full of a variety of maternity dresses that my moms get to wear.

How do I find a maternity photographer?

Are you ready to book but do not know how to start a search? I always suggest to look at the photographers style on their website. You want to pick a photographer that matches YOUR style. Go to your local Philadelphia Mom Groups on Facebook. Ask in your mom groups. Do a search on instagram. Always take the time to have a phone consult, this is such a great way to get a feel for the photographer you will be working with. Make a list of your questions, so you are prepared for your phone consult, and ask away! Every photographer is so different, so be prepared. Think of what is important about the overall experience you are looking for from your photographer.

Have other questions? As a Philadelphia Maternity Photographer, I would love to chat with you and help answer your questions. You can contact me here:

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