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Sunset Beach Mini

Fall in love with those sunset summer skies.  Allow me to bring my summer vision into your home with this fun summer mini session.  

I hold beach minis throughout the summer.  My sessions run about 30 minutes long for immediate family.  The sessions are held during the last 60 minutes of sunlight.  This gives you a stunning sky full of colors, a less crowded beach and a beautiful color on everyone's skin.  

What you should know about a "mini" session.  A mini session is when I go to one location and book clients back to back.  This makes the session price lower because I am using one location for the day so the cost of the location is shared amongst all the clients booked.  

Please understand, even though I wish I could, I do not do private mini sessions.  I can not travel to a location, pay location fees, and hold a 10 min. session for one family. Thank you for understanding. 

Extended family sessions are available as well!  Ask me about it. 

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