I love photographing all ages.  Children are a beautiful subject for my art. I love capturing your little ones as they are. I don't like to jump around and make your kids smile, and I don't like to yell cheese,  let me capture your little one's real personalities.  I want to capture their moments and faces today. So, in a few years you will look back at your portraits and remember those faces. 

What is my secret to these beautiful toddler portraits? The biggest secret, I have grown with these kids, every year I see many of them at least two times a year. I do have other secret tricks up my sleeve. But mostly because I have grown with many of the kids you see in my gallery. 

I hold mini sessions through out the year just for little ones. Keep an eye out for them.  Toddler Mini Sessions are very popular and usually sell out really fast.

Can't wait to see you at the next session!